Monday, December 31, 2012

♥ Hello 2013 ♥

Time flies, today is the last day of 2012.
Well, 2012 isn't a very great year for me, broke up twice but I learn much through the pain. I did grow up after experienced all these. *wink wink*
Anyway, I need to thank all, especially my friends Celeste and Ellen who help me to get through the hardest time. ^^ 
I need to feel grateful too because all had finally passed.
Thanks God too. ^^

I would like to make something different next year, so I decided to have some goals to achieve for my coming 2013.
Actually this is the first time I plan and make my goals for a year, after live for 23 years, lol.
I used to see other bloggers and friends who make some targets for a new year but I never try it because I’m lazy, haha!
But now, I’m gonna to do it and I hope I really can make it.
I want to be a BETTER me and shine in front of you!

GOALS that I plan to achieve:

1.   Take up a good hobby
I don’t think I have good hobbies that can really spend my time wisely. All I do is just online and watching movies. >< 
I like dancing, so I wish I am able to learn dancing in dance studio next year. Dancing will be a good hobby for me because it can make me sweat and exercise at the same time while I’m enjoying myself.

2.   Reading, minimum a book per month
This is a way to improve myself. Honestly, I don’t like reading and I never read any extracurricular books before. But now, I think reading really is a good habit and it can help in growing up my minds. This is what I get in 2012, at least.

3.    Improve my English
My English level stuck at Form 5 level and never improves after that. I seldom use it and now it’s hard for me to speak in English. So for 2013, I want to improve my English by using it more frequently and be brave in trying to speak English. I hope I can do it. =)

It will be very great if when year 2013 ends and I look back this post, I had successfully achieved all the goals that I set. ^^

A new year,
A new hope,
A new start for me!


  1. You already took up one good hobby -> Planning, haha! Very good head start ^^ Wish 2013 is a good good year for us :)

  2. will be...^^
    Hope i can do what i promised...haha!